Steaming Anchorage?

Just saw a New York Times headline about how Anchorage is forecasting several days of above 90 degrees heat, which is warmer than anything the city has experienced in the past. I have to admit, my suitcase did not include a pair of shorts, but I guess I should pop one in there now. 

This unprecedented heat leads me to a few selfish questions:

  • How will this affect the rivers and waterways? Will it change the fishing at all? 
  • Bears and 90 degrees? Is that a good thing or will it just make them crankier? 
  • Bugs? Will mosquitoes increase? Will the heat negatively impact other insects in the environment? 
  • Finally – 90 degree and waders. That can’t be good, right? 

Who knows, the heat may become a moot point by the time I show up. Just makes you pause to think that the change in environment is creeping all the way up to the tundra.

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