About Me

Like most suburban women, I try to do it all. Being a mother to four energetic children and teaching high school English means there are some times when I’m a little better at making it work than others. Usually those times are not at the beginning or end of a school year.

In concert with moms across the nation, I am the residential taxi driver, maid, office assistant, cook and occasional nurse. I get paid extra to take care of two spoiled hens, which I normally don’t mind, except when my Rhode Island Red gets peckish. Living in Connecticut means that I can easily train into New York City. My husband will sometimes spend an afternoon with me exploring an interesting neighborhood, trying a new restaurant or seeing a show.

When I’m not in a classroom or hanging out at a hockey rink, I like to pretend I’m traveling around the world, but really I’m usually reading or writing. I’m currently working on my first novel (writing, that is – not reading!). The story is set during World War II in Iceland and explores the complexities of the Icelandic “situation”.

If you’d like to get in contact with me, feel free to tweet @Venessa_Writes.

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